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a dozen roses

Ease and convenience in ordering a dozen roses

Fantasy Floral Chantilly does not just deal with the best floral arrangements and the most complex and beautiful of designs. We haven’t forgotten that sometimes, beauty comes from the simplest of things.

So, whether it is a dozen roses or a single rose, we can cater to every need that you may have. We make sure that what we give you would not be too loud such that it would drown out the roses that you want to get. In every arrangement that we provide you, we will make sure that if you want roses, roses will definitely be the star of the arrangement.

Moreover, getting roses should not be difficult. No matter what the occasion is. We make it a point that you can get your dozen roses quickly and conveniently so you would not have to delay in any plans that you might have.

Pricing is never an issue if you want to get a dozen roses

Whether you want to keep things simple, or you want to go grand, Fantasy Floral Chantilly understands that people will always want different things. That is why our traditional dozen roses will have different variations for you to choose from.

If you are going to go classic, we have our Rose Romance Bouquet which goes from sixty to a hundred and fifty five dollars depending on your arrangement.

If you want to mix things up a little bit, you can throw in some chocolates, balloons, and even a plush toy just to complete the whole gift idea of giving flowers.

Also, if you are looking to go beyond a dozen roses, we have arrangements such as The Whole World, Wonderful Life, Rose Riches, and, My One and Only. These are of the more grander nature which goes from a hundred and twenty dollars to six hundred dollars, depending on the arrangement that you would pick.