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wedding flowers

Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers adds a natural beauty and creativity to one of the most romantic and dreamy occasion in one’s life. Because of the many shades, textures, styles, and designs, it’s a little bit overwhelming for the bride-to-be to choose which arrangement fits the wedding they are envisioning. Choosing from a selection of pre-selected themes makes it easier for modern brides to decide and visualize.


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Fantasy Floral Chantilly is the best place to start browsing about wedding flowers. We have a variety of collection grouped by color choice, wedding theme, and designer packages all coordinated to fit your wedding flowers budget.

Bridal Bouquets


Bridal bouquets are number one accessory for the bride. It will brighten up any bride with it’s beautiful and aura and carefully put design. Whether the bride’s gown is simple, traditional, or luxurious, it will never look complete without a matching bridal bouquet. Buying bridal bouquets online is quickly becoming the trend now a days especially those who are planning to do destination weddings. It’s very convenient for the bride to choose from a variety of samples and have it shipped to the wedding venue on the day itself. Check our full collection below.

  • Pure White Bouquets – White wedding flowers are the classic and perfect choice for most modern brides. It is elegant and wonderfully chic. Choosing an all white wedding bouquet allows the natural beauty of the bride, her dress, and her inner glow to shine. White wedding flowers complements a white gown or champagne gown beautifully. White wedding flowers symbolizes innocence, purity, and grace. This is the main reason why they are a popular choice for a lot of weddings. There are varied flowers to choose from: calla lilies, orchids, and classic white roses. (Insert pictures of sample all white flower bouquets)
  • Elegant Peaches Bouquets – Peach is an elegant choice of a wedding color scheme. It looks wonderfully nice as bridesmaid dresses too. Fantasy Floral wedding flowers has a whole range of wedding flower packages that spells peach across its design. Peach also works well when mixed with a hint of pink or lemon. (Insert pictures of sample peach colored bouquets)
  • Pretty in Pink Bouquets – Pink fresh flowers look very feminine and delicate if chosen for you big day. Our stunning pink collection will enthrall you to pick this color as your dominant theme for the wedding. We have a complete set of bouquets, table arrangements and boutonniere to complete the look. If you opt for a pink color, this means that there are a variety of flowers to choose from. Not only does pink have a whole variety of flower but it also has many shades to choose from. (Insert pictures of sample pink colored bouquets)
  • Stunning Purple Palette Bouquets – A beautiful lavender palette is a stunning way to celebrate a big wedding day. It is dramatic, intense and has so much depth. One can choose from shades of lilac, indigo, lavender, and deep purple. Purple is a color that represents success. It is not just a pretty ensemble that you will see but it also is a representation of a lasting, happy and successful wedding. (Insert pictures of sample peach colored bouquets)
  • Alluring Red Bouquets – Choosing red, as your dominant color for the wedding is very dramatic and rich. It is classy and elegant in it’s own regal way. A lot of modern brides still choose red bouquets to carry on their special day only because it is a really nice accent to an all white wedding dress. As much as red is a common color, not everyone is familiar of the many variations of red. One can choose from vibrant scarlet, dark claret tones, or choose from a softer red hue. Reds can also be contrasted with pristine white flowers to give that classic look a twist. Take a look at our different fresh flower collections in red. (Insert pictures of sample red colored bouquets)


Fresh flowers at your fingertips


One of the most important things a bride considers during her wedding is her supplier. If the bride is a workingwoman, it’s a little bit hard to meet and plan out everything on her own. Fantasy Floral is your one stop shop for decoration and wedding flower needs. You don’t need to meet up with us personally; all you have to do is browse through our complete collection with ease.

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is during spring, winter, summer, or fall- Fantasy Floral got you covered. We have a collection of bulk fresh flowers, which we grouped in seasons; in this way you can have a visual of what flowers are available with your wedding date in mind.

Winter Collection:

Tulips, Parrot-red

Tulips, Parrot-white

Tulips, Parrot-orange

Tulips, Parrot salmon

Tulips, Greenhouse-yellow

Tulips, Greenhouse-white

Tulips, Greenhouse-red

Tulips, Greenhouse-purple

Tulips, Greenhouse-pink

Tulips Greenhouse-lavender

Tulips, Greenhouse-hot pink

Tulips, Greenhouse-assorted

Tulips, French-white

Tulips, French-pink

Tulips, French-hot pink

Tulips, French-assorted colors

Tulips Double-red

Tulips Bulk Pack white

Tulip Bulk Pack Assorted Colors

Tulip Assorted Christmas Colors

Stargazer Assortment

Roses Californian, Akito

Ranunculus, Tecate-yellow

Renunculus, Tecate-white

Renunculus, Tecate- orange

Renunculus, Tecate-light pink

Renunculus, Tecate-hot pink




Peony-light pink

Peony-burgundy Red Charm

Peony Coral Charm



Lilac, Dutch-lavender

Jasmine Vine



Ivy Reindeer mossed



Dusty Miller –lacey leaf type

Dusty Miller – wide leaf

Feverfew Yellow Button

Hyacinth – assorted

Anemones – assorted

Amaryllis – assorted



Spring Collection:

Acacia (mimosa)

Amaranthus – hanging red

Amaryllis – Mocca

Amaryllis – assorted colors

Amaryllis – green

Amaryllis – peach

Amaryllis – pink

Peonies – assorted


Veronicas – assorted

Menthas – assorted

Mimosas – Assorted


Sweet Pea





Calla Lily

Gerbera Daisy



Summer Collection:

Snow on the Mountain



Leucadendron Jubilee Crown

Chamomile Daisies



Peach Mambo Carnations

Poppy Pods

Pink veronica

Wax Flower


Helios Garden Rose

Blushing Bride Protea

Garden Roses

Fall Collection:

Alstroemeria – yellow

Alstroemeria – white

Alstroemeria – orange

Alstroemeria – pink

Alstroemeria – red

Alstroemeria – lavender

Alstroemeria – purple

Alstroemeria –flecked

Amaryllis – white

Amaryllis – yellow

Amaryllis – green

Amaryllis –pink

Amaryllis – red

Amaryllis – burgundy

Anemone – Magenta

Anemone – Burgundy

Bouvardia – assorted

Calla Lily – dark pink

Calla Lily – red

Calla Lily – burgundy

Camellia – Pink

Camellia – red

Camellia – White

Camellia – Cream

Carnation – Dark pink

Carnation – red

Carnation – burgundy

Carnation – flecked and bicolors

Chrysanthemum – assorted

Coxcomb – crimson

Coxcomb – orange

Coxcomb – green

Cornflower – blue

Cornflower – white

Cornflower – pink

**Note – those flowers mentioned in the collection should have a picture corresponding to the name and color. All of the websites I checked have pictures of the flowers so it shouldn’t be hard to get those in the Internet.