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As always, many thanks and wishing you a happy holiday!
~Trevor, Margie, and the Fantasy Florist Family

River-Sea Chocolate Bars


Artisanal, small batch, hand-tempered chocolates made from single-source beans that are roasted and turned into delicious hand-tempered chocolates right here in Chantilly.

We chose to partner with River-Sea Chocolates because, like us, they are family owned and operated, produce a superior artisanal product, are committed to sustainability, and they are local!

#Local #Sustainable #Artisan


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Rum Caramel Dark Chocolate, Zorzal Dark Chocolate, Hawaiian Salt Dark Chocolate, Cherry Blossom Dark Chocolate, Organic Milk Chocolate, Coconut Milk Chocolate, Angel Food White Chocolate, Double Bean Double Buzz Dark Chocolate, Raspberries & Vanilla Tea Dark Chocolate


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