Carnations, Mums, and Daisies

Whenever I take an order for a Designer’s Choice arrangement, I always ask if there are any specific flowers we should include or exclude. Often, when I get to the “exclude” part, customers ask for no carnations. For whatever reason, carnations, mums, and daisies have a “low-brow” reputation, and that’s a shame to me! I love these flowers so much, and I’m here to tell you why you should love them too!


Source: Pagemoral on Wikimedia Commons

Carnations, especially, come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors! Carnations especially come in practically every color under the sun, from pink to green to anything in between! There is a depth and richness of color that you can get in a carnation that you can’t really get with other flowers. Here at Fantasy Floral, we especially love the Moon Series Carnations (pictured above) for their vibrant purple hues! My personal favorites are burgundy carnations (pictured below in an arrangement.) They add a wonderful richness to the color palette and highlight the colors of the other flowers used. 

Strength in Numbers

Carnations, mums, and daisies are the epitome of the phrase “small, but mighty.” On their own, they may not look like much, but together they have the power to make an arrangement shine! The arrangement pictured above showcases the beauty of multiple types of daisies. Since these flowers aren’t as expensive as a rose or a lily, our designers can use as many of them as they’d like!

Complement Other Flowers

In addition to being beautiful on their own, carnations, mums, and daisies are versatile enough to act as gorgeous accent flowers! When used in this way, the smaller flowers highlight the beauty of the larger ones. Take the arrangement pictured above as an example! The purple carnations offer a subtle contrast to the large pink lilies while also complementing the tall purple veronica. 


Have I sold you on these flowers yet? If you want to send some to a loved one, give us a call today!

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