Gift Basket Delivery

We get it! Everyone is making the wise decision to stay home. Flowers are wonderful to brighten home and spirits, but food is what you really need! We’re here for you! Need dinner or something to make movie night or family game night extra special? Check out our expanded selection of Gift Baskets for delivery or curbside pickup. I don’t know about you, but my refrigerator is full up so we designed these baskets to have a bit of shelf life and not require any refrigeration.

Game Day Basket

Even though it’s not football season, you can’t go wrong with chili and cornbread! This gift basket comes with onions, red bell pepper, carrots, celery, and garlic. Chop and saute the fresh ingredients to make a yummy version of sofrito. Add the included canned tomatoes and beans as well as water (or your own broth if you prefer) and simmer for 30 minutes. While the chili is simmering, mix up the included box of cornbread and pop it in the oven. We love to top our chili with onions and avocado so we’ve included both for you. You can also add your own shredded cheese or tortilla chips. Dinner will be on the table in no time, and you didn’t even have to put your shoes on!

(The printed recipe for this vegetarian chili from Cookie + Kate is included)

Bollywood Basket

We love Indian food in our family so of course we had to include this vegetarian version of Tikka Masala with Basmati rice. Start by making a pot of the included Basmati rice. The gift basket comes with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh ginger root as well as a jar of garam masala to create that unique masala flavor. You’ll also get a head of cauliflower to chop and roast with your own oil and the garam masala. Add the included chickpeas, canned tomatoes, and coconut milk, and let it simmer.

(The printed recipe for this vegetarian Tikka Masala from The Wanderlust Kitchen is included. The recipe can easily be made vegan by substituting your own coconut oil.)

Family Game Night Nachos Basket

When my boys were growing up, they loved to play Monopoly. Our Monopoly games lasted for hours, sometimes days, so snacks were a must! This gift basket comes with all the ingredients you need for a delicious spread of vegetarian nachos. You’ll get fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, and lime, to make a pico de gallo. Layer with the included tortilla chips, black beans, corn, sliced black olives, avocado, and queso cheese dip, and you’re ready to become a real estate tycoon!

(The printed recipe for the pico de gallo and serving suggestions is included)

Netflix Popcorn Basket

What is better than movies while you’re stuck at home? Movie and popcorn! We have just what you need in this fun gift basket. You’ll get pre-packaged microwave popcorn and the ingredients for 4 kinds of popcorn: taco, ranch, everything bagel, and pumpkin pie for something sweet. Just add your own butter and grab your remote!

(The printed recipes for each flavored popcorn are included)

Leave the shopping to us! Order a gift basket delivery for yourself or a loved one. We offer no contact delivery as well as curbside pickup. #InThisTogether