Halloween Flowers

When we think of Halloween, we think of orange, black, and green colors. And we think of creepy, scary, and unusual items and textures. Mother Nature has an abundance of Halloween flowers in both color and texture.

Orange Flowers

Mums and daisies come in gorgeous fall colors, including orange. Gerbera daisies, roses, snap dragons, and lilies also come in beautiful shades of orange.

Black Flowers

While Mother Nature doesn’t give us any true black flowers, there are many dark maroon and purple flowers that look almost black. Some of my favorites are dahlias, calla lilies, scabiosa, and columbine.

Green Flowers

The bright green color in so many drawings of pumpkins is an easy color to find in flowers. Some of our current favorite bright green flowers are green ball dianthus, button mums, bells of Ireland, and green cymbidium orchids.

Unusual textures

Our designer’s love to use unusual textures within arrangements. It adds uniqueness or whimsy or artistry that sets our arrangements apart. Thistle has been a shop favorite, but we also love safflower, safari sunset, hypericum berries, grevillea, and sorghum.

If you’re treating others this Halloween or just want to trick out your coffin with festive color, give us a scream to place your Halloween flowers order!

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