sustainable card holder

Sustainable Card Holder

Despite flowers being an all-natural product, the floral industry is not known for being environmentally friendly. Fortunately that is starting to change, albeit slowly. We at Fantasy Florist are actively trying to be leaders in a shift towards sustainable practices in the floral industry. Recently we implemented a very simple but impactful change. Remember those plastic card holders that hold your message cards? Gone! Welcome to our new sustainable card holder!

Single-use plastics are notoriously bad for not only our wildlife and the environment, they are bad for anyone that consumes the wildlife that ingest these plastics. We’ve eliminated one more single-use plastic from our shop, and we’re recycling in the process! Have you ever turned a rose upside-down to preserve it and noticed just how strong the stem becomes when it’s dried? We noticed that too!

It takes a bit of effort and vigilance, but the environment is so worth each sustainable step we can take. We often cut our long stem rose stems to accommodate shorter arrangements or remove them altogether for rose petal orders. Instead of throwing them away, we are saving these stems, drying them, and making slits at one end to hold the envelopes that carry message cards and care instructions.

The next time you receive an arrangement from us, you can compost the sustainable card holder right along with the flowers and greenery!

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