Virginia Is Reopening

I read that headline and feel like it should read “Spring Is Coming.” Since families couldn’t get together on Easter, the unofficial spring kick-off was announced with a sputter instead of fireworks. We haven’t had much of a spring between cold days and gray days. If spring means biking and beach trips and camping, we definitely haven’t had much of a spring. But… Virginia is reopening! Spring is coming!

Goodbye Spring

I had a customer call this week from Nova Scotia. She was asking what spring flowers we had blooming in Virginia gardens right now. Nova Scotia is quite a bit behind us with daffodils and tulips just starting to emerge. These were the flowers she was hoping to get in an arrangement. That’s when I realized, at least for flowers, spring has really come and gone. What flowers coincide with Virginia Reopening?

Hello Summer

While our daffodils and hyacinths are becoming harder to find, some of my favorite flowers are starting to emerge! My mom always planted spring bulbs so our yard was a beautiful canvas of crocus, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth, but she didn’t really plant summer flowers. Since working at Fantasy Floral, I’ve come to love late spring and summer flowers–dahlias, peonies, gerbera daisies, gladiolas, and irises! While you can always go to a website and pick an arrangement from the array of photos, the best arrangement to order is a “Designer’s Choice.” Give the designer a budget, specify a color palate, and request any favorite flowers. You’ll be guaranteed a beautiful, seasonal design that captures mother nature at her finest.

Off to the Beach

Spring for me also means a quick beach trip before the tourists arrive. The warmth of the sun and peace of the water always bring renewal of the soul after the cold of winter. This Memorial Day weekend, all of the beaches within driving distance of Virginia are reopening. There is something special about coastal and island towns that sets them apart. I think the flowers and vegetation have a lot to do with this. If you want to give someone a gift that brings the same feeling as a trip to the beach, consider an arrangement with tropical flowers. You’ll have to plan a bit ahead for this as these flowers need to be special ordered, but they are so worth it!

You’ve probably seen Hawaiian leis made out of dendrobium orchids as well as the iconic birds of paradise. There are also some lesser known, but still stunning, tropical flowers. Heliconia, also known as lobster claw plants, originates in the western Pacific. King protea has become a favorite in bridal bouquets and originates in South Africa. These flowers are always show-stoppers that make for stunning arrangements. They are sure to bring a peaceful island vibe!

Virginia is reopening, and the weather is finally getting warmer! It’s the perfect time to plant stunning summer flowers around your house. And for your friends that need a bit of cheer, we’re always here to provide beautiful arrangements of seasonal designs or stunning tropic vibes!