Cut Flower Garden

A couple of years ago, I started a pollinator garden. Each year I add new perennials so I’m excited to see how full and colorful it has become. This year I decided to start a cut flower garden, focusing on pollinator friendly flowers as much as I can. This new garden will specifically contain flowers that lend themselves to being cut and brought inside for arrangements.

Focal Flowers

Each arrangement starts with the stars of the arrangement. Right now, my favorite flowers are ranunculus and dahlias so those will definitely be in the garden. Unfortunately in this area, neither flower survives the winter. Dahlias are tubers so you can dig the tubers up, store them in a cool dry place for the winter, and then plant them again in the spring. So I’m told! Last year was the first time I planted dahlias and then dug them up before winter. I’ll keep you posted on how successful I am at replanting and growing them this spring!

Vertical Flowers

My favorite arrangements also include tall slender flowers. This year I’m going to try gladiolas and snapdragons. I planted gladiolas in my front yard last year. Supposedly gladiolas can survive the winter in Northern Virginia. I’ll let you know if they come back up! I’ll plant more gladiolas in my cut flower garden so I’ll know if I can leave the bulbs in the ground or dig them up at the end of the season.

Accent Flowers

Finally, every arrangement needs what I call, “pops of whimsy.” These are flowers that are added for texture, height, and color. I’m going to start with bupleurum, billy balls, veronica, and scabiosa. Bupleurum adds a light airy feeling. Billy balls are just fun! Veronica and scabiosa will take a ho-hum arrangement to wow with their stunning colors and textures.

Stay tuned for updates and hopefully photos of fun arrangements from my cut flower garden!