The flower industry is a seasonal industry. We have busy seasons. Spring is busy with weddings, proms, and Mother’s Day. We have quiet seasons. Families go on vacation in July so there are not as many flower deliveries. December is always an unusual month at the flower shop.

There aren’t many birthdays and anniversaries, but there are usually more sympathy arrangements. Our focus is on holiday parties and Christmas centerpieces. It’s also a month of laying the foundation for our busy season. December is the time we reorganize the shop, stock up on staples, implement lessons learned, and most importantly, prep for Valentine’s Day!

This year our Fantasy Floral family has grown. We’ve added new members to help with both front of the house and back of the house. This means we need space for them to work. If you’ve been into the shop recently, you’ve noticed we added an additional computer desk.

We also need a new workstation in the back. We’re in the process of reorganizing and updating. The reorganizing creates efficiency and economy of motion. Updating gives us an additional workstation. Our goal is to have all of this in place by February 1st, just in time for the Valentine’s Day crush! December is a perfect month to work on these projects.

We hope your December is full of celebration and family get-togethers, love and laughter, and most importantly, the peace of the season. 

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