Father’s Day Flowers

Families always think of giving Mom flowers on Mother’s Day. Have you ever considered giving Dad flowers on Father’s Day? We think it should be a new tradition!

A recent study shows that men enjoy receiving flowers as much as women do. “It increases overall happiness and life satisfaction,” Jeannette Haviland-Jones, the author of the study, says. In fact, because it is traditionally so unexpected, men might actually enjoy receiving flowers more than women do.

Reid agrees part of the appeal of receiving flowers is that it is not often done. “Even though it isn’t, it seems like a woman makes even more of an effort than a man by sending flowers, just because they are breaking convention a little bit,” he says.

Today I took an order from a wife who is sending her husband flowers for Father’s Day. She asked me what kind of arrangement we could do. Men’s favorite colors are blue, black, green, brown, and red. We focus on that palate and use flowers that have texture and are more rustic.

Mother Nature has created so many wonderful flowers in all different colors and textures. Some of our favorite flowers for men are thistle, protea, scabiosa, safari sunset, hypericum berries, and even calla lilies for their darker hues.

Father's Day Flowers. Thistle, protea, scabiosa, safari sunset, hypericum berries, calla lilies.

So give Dad Father’s Day flowers! It will bring him joy and increased happiness for days to follow. Just give us a call. We would love to help celebrate the father figures in your life!

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