Flowers and Plants that Are Calming

A good friend texted me this morning. She was stressed because of the elections and anxious about the aftermath.  So today I thought we’d explore flowers and plants that are calming and create healthy spaces for us to live and sleep in.


…is a happy little white flower with yellow centers that can be made into a tea. As a tea, chamomile is known for its anti-anxiety properties. It’s a wonderful sleep aid and might also reduce inflammation.


…has a calming scent flower hue. Lavender oil helps with anxiety and depression.


… was one of my dad’s favorite flowers. The oil eases anxiety, and the wonderful fragrance promotes sleep.


…come in lots of colors and textures, and a bouquet of them is sure to make you smile. The flowers are a wonderful air purifier, and the tea has relaxation properties.

Gerbera Daisies

…are a highly requested flower that comes in bright vibrant colors. Their presence alone will cheer someone up, but they also remove toxins from the air.


…is a great flavoring for ice cream and hot chocolate. As a tea or an oil, peppermint will also lower frustration and relax muscles


… are a great herb to cook with but also provides delicate wildflowers. The flowers can be made into a tea that helps with depression by blocking a chemical that inhibits “happy” hormones.

Aloe Vera

…, as every beach-goer knows, has healing and soothing properties. Having a plant will also improve the air quality at home or in the office.

Snake Plant

…is another good plant for the home or office. It removes several different kinds of toxins from the air that help with sleep and reducing stress.

If you or your friends and family need a vase full of flowers and plants that are calming and cheerful on election day, we’re just a phone call away!