How to Make Your Flowers Last

You received a beautiful arrangement, or maybe a wonderful Thanksgiving centerpiece. Now, how to make your flowers last? Many think flower food is essential, but it really isn’t. Just follow these simple tips!

Bacteria is one of the biggest enemies of a flower, causing them to prematurely decay. Fresh water is the best remedy. Refresh the vase water frequently, everyday if possible, to prevent bacteria from forming. Empty the old water and refill with fresh cold water or place the vase under a faucet of running cold water until the old water displaces.

Top the vase off with water to ensure all stems are submerged and drinking water. Remove any organic material from the vase water such as leaves or petals to prevent bacteria from growing. Remove flowers from the arrangement that have wilted, dried, or developed mold.

Heat is another enemy. Florists keep their flowers in a cooler to prevent the flowers from opening or growing. Tulips for example, open and continue to grow in warm temperatures. The tulip in the photo was an inch shorter than the gerbera daisy in front of it 48 hours prior to the photo being taken. As much as you are able, keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight and away from cooking heat and vapors or heating vents.

The last component of a long-lasting arrangement is a good quality flower. We take great care to ensure we order quality flowers from quality farms. Although other places might have less expensive flowers, customers continue to order through us because of our long-lasting arrangements. To this end, care instructions are provided with every arrangement that leaves our shop!