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Flower Arrangement Sizes and Prices

We’re changing our arrangement sizes from Small, Medium, etc. to Standard, Deluxe, Intricate, Premium, and Extravagant. These descriptive words are a much better representation of the sizes and prices of our flower arrangements. What exactly goes into the pricing of an arrangement.

Types of Flowers

Each arrangement consists of focal flowers and then what we call “fillers and spillers.” Focal flowers are the flowers that people can usually identify such as roses, orchids, peonies, sunflowers, dahlias, etc. They tend to be larger, hence the name focal flower since they become the flowers that draw people’s attention.

roses, orchids, peonies, sunflowers, dahlias
Roses, Orchids, Peonies, Sunflowers, Dahlias

Fillers and spillers are equally important but aren’t necessarily the first thing that draws people’s focus. These flowers give the arrangement its vibe and reinforce a color palette. For instance, if you want an English Garden vibe, the designer might add hydrangea, lace flower, and astilbe.

Hydrangea, Lace Flower, Astilbe

For a wildflower look, the designer might add daisies, gomphrena, and scabiosa;

daisies, gomphrena, scabiosa
Daisies, Gomphrena, Scabiosa
liatris, ti leaves, solidago
Liatris, Ti Leaves, Solidago

Some focal flowers are more expensive than others, with peonies and orchids being some of the most valuable flowers. The same applies to fillers and spillers. Solidago, daisies, carnations, lace flower, astilbe, and hydrangea are lovely flowers that add texture and color to arrangements. Astilbe and hydrangea are going to be more expensive than daisies and carnations.

Size and Style

In general, smaller arrangements are going to be less expensive than larger arrangements. The style of the arrangement also impacts price. A short compact arrangement that is about 12” x 12” in total size can be same price as an arrangement that is 24” x 24” in total size because both arrangements have the same number/value of flowers. You can see an example of this in the photos below. The short and compact arrangement on the left has essentially the same number/value of flowers compacted together in a smaller space as the arrangement on the right that is tall and open.

flower arrangements
Short and Compact Arrangement on the left. Tall and Open Arrangement on the right.


A $200 arrangement of just peonies will be much smaller than a $200 arrangement of just sunflowers. This is why our pricing is based on the qualities of the flowers and the style of the arrangement rather than the size of the arrangement.

A standard arrangement will be small with just a few standard focal flowers such as roses or sunflowers and mostly standard filler/spiller flowers such as carnations, mums, daisies, and/or alstromeria.

As you move into Deluxe and Intricate, you have the option of smaller arrangements with more expensive flowers or larger arrangements using standard flowers. This is a nice option if you are looking for a small arrangement, but you don’t want any carnations or mums. If you don’t mind standard flowers, these price points allow for larger arrangements.  

Premium and Extravagant arrangements can be about size or flowers or both. If you would like a large arrangement that takes up a lot of space, Premium and Extravagant arrangements are great. They will be large and showy using a variety of flowers in all ranges.

With Premium and Extravagant arrangements, you can also focus on the more expensive focal flowers such as peonies, orchids, and dahlias while using fewer and more unique filler and spiller flowers such as astilbe and hellebores. With a focus on the more expensive flowers, these arrangements won’t be as large.

As you can see, flower arrangement sizes and prices are dependent on the style and flowers you would like to use. Feel free to call or email us! We’re happy to take orders over the phone and discuss options with you.

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