Designer's Choice focused on oranges

Learning to Grow

Right now at the shop, I’m training to become a designer. This is an exciting step forward for me, and not one that I saw coming. Even though I’ve always been artistic, my focus has always been firmly on music. And though I’ve always had an appreciation for both flowers and the visual arts, I never saw myself as the type to pursue either of them seriously. Working at Fantasy Floral has opened my eyes to a different aspect of myself, and I find myself grateful for the opportunity to continue developing both as an artist as a person. I’m learning to grow!

Every time I make an arrangement, I learn something new about the wide world of floral design. I often find that while I’m so focused on getting one thing right, another slips through my fingers! I’m grateful to have Trevor and Kristi here to help me see the full picture and encourage me to think about things in different ways. It also helps highlight different things, like shape and line, that I can talk about with customers when they order!

Designer's Choice including peonies

Sometimes, it’s difficult to remember that I’m just starting out. I’ll see an arrangement that Kristi or Trevor puts together and think “Wow, my arrangements don’t measure up at all!” But part of the joy of this new experience is the learning itself. It feels a lot like learning how to play an instrument. It’s impossible to be concert ready the first time you pick it up! The fundamentals, like where the notes are and how to make sound, come first. Then, once those become rote, you can move on to being musical. But you have to learn to play before you can learn to play well. 

Something else that I feel is lost in the day-to-day of adult life is the refreshing feeling of failure. I know that sounds a little strange, but hear me out! When we’re in school, mistakes feel like they’re the end of the world. A failing grade can set you back, and there’s immense pressure to do well. This environment leads to a fear of failure, and a drive not to learn for the sake of learning, but to learn for the sake of passing. We forget that sometimes, in order to appreciate the sky above us, we need to fall on our back to see it. I’ve come to treasure the mistakes I make at Fantasy Floral, because each one teaches me something new!

Designer's choice in pastel colors

Even if you’re not particularly interested in floral design, continue learning to grow. I highly recommend trying something outside your wheelhouse for a bit. Learn an instrument! Pick up a language! Challenging yourself to do something you’re not used to will expand your horizons and make you into a more well-rounded person.

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