Dish Garden

Live Plants

Every so often, we’ll get a phone call that asks for a live plant in lieu of a flower arrangement. Usually, it’s because people want something that will last a long time. Although our shop specializes in cut-flower arrangements, we also have plenty of live plants on our shelves! These plants last longer than cut flowers in water do and are truly a gift that keeps on giving. Here are some of our favorite live plants!


You might be familiar with cymbidium and dendrobium orchids from arrangements like No Scrubs and Bountiful Dendrobiums, but did you know that we also love phalaenopsis orchids as well? These orchids are primarily sold as plants, and we have a wide range of ceramics and other containers to put them in. Our most common colors are white and purple, but phalaenopsis orchids come in a wide variety of other colors. We can also use phalaenopsis orchids in arrangements such as the Feather Fancy!

Dish Gardens

A dish garden is a collection of different kinds of plants in soil. Ours are in baskets and usually contain snake plants, pothos, croton, and an assortment of other complementary plants. These plants last quite a long time if maintained properly! We like to dress up our dish gardens with colorful ribbon, and we can even add some cut flowers in water tubes for even more color!


While phalaenopsis orchids and dish gardens are our most popular plants, we can also order other plants if you so desire them! A peace lily plant is a great choice for sympathy if you want comfort that lasts longer than a cut flower arrangement. Poinsettias are a lovely choice for the holidays, and once winter turns to spring, we love both tulip and calla lily plants. We even have some larger plants like monstera in on occasion! 

There are live plants for every purpose here at Fantasy Floral! Just call us or place your order online, and we’ll find just the one for you.

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