Trevor and Margie, Son and Mom

Putting Family First

During the pandemic, we were a true family business. Our few employees were not able and/or comfortable coming to work for many months. It was just Trevor and I, son and mom. Stripped to bare minimum resources, we honed what we did uniquely well and let the rest go. We also learned how important it was to be kind to ourselves so that we had the patience and energy to be kind to others. As the country started to come out of COVID hibernation, we grew our shop on this new foundation. We focused on our signature designs, stellar customer service, and most importantly putting family first—both our own and our Fantasy Floral family.

We shortened our shop hours from 7pm to 5pm, even though our competitors were open later than we. This allowed (and continues to allow) us to have quality time with family each evening. When we were able to finally hire employees, we sought out individuals with the same qualities and values that we have as a family. We also sought out individuals that added to and improved the family atmosphere of our shop.

Our goal is to have a shop full of people that care about each other and our customers as much as they care about their own families. With big box companies gobbling up whole industries because they make purchases cheap and easy, we are able to do the one thing those companies can’t—treat you like family and offer you beautiful, artistic, unique designs.

Putting family first means offering our employees living wages. We are happier at work and kinder to our families when we get home if we are not stressed about money. We stay with companies longer when we feel valued and cherished. Most of our employees have been here for at least two years. There is so much value in that kind of longevity.

Our front of the house all know that Mrs. W is allergic to eucalyptus and Mr. S likes Ikebana-style arrangements. Our drivers know not to ring the B Sisters doorbell because it makes their dogs go crazy. Just text them, and they’ll slip out to grab the flowers. Casey talked to a long-time customer yesterday who was in a hurry. The call lasted 1 minute and 39 seconds because they knew his wife’s preferences and had all the information needed for a delivery. We’ve also had calls that last a half hour as we talk through options and offer suggestions to ensure we are creating the perfect arrangement for the occasion.

Our prices and delivery fees continue to be very competitive compared to other high-end florists (not Costco)! But the way and reason we structure our prices is founded in sourcing quality long-lasting flowers, supporting local regenerative (#sustainability #grownnotflown) family flower farmers, and putting family first by offering living wages. We continue to see the amazing benefits of this focus in our individual lives, the atmosphere of the shop, the quality of our arrangements, and the family-oriented customer service we extend to our customers. We all make choices to support businesses that focus on qualities and practices that align with our priorities. We hope knowing a bit more about our foundation and priorities reinforces the trust you have put into our wonderful family business!

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