Local Flowers Lend a Unique Signature Look

At Fantasy Floral, Wednesday is our favorite day of the week. It’s the day we receive our order from Old Dominion Flower Cooperative! The cooperative was formed at the end of 2020 and already has over 20 local flower farmers. This morning we received beautiful sunflowers, zinnias, gomphrena, lisianthus, and unique greens such as apple of peru pods, bush ivy, and scented geranium. It’s only our fourth order, but already these local flowers lend a unique signature look to our already wonderful and artistic designs.


Our first order had bicolor snapdragons in pink and coral. The snapdragons we get from our wholesalers are tall and very straight. These snapdragons dipped and curved. You could see their progress following the sun in each curve of their stems! The arrangement that our designer created took these dips and curves into account. Instead of being vertical, the design was more horizontal and asymmetrical. The addition of the whimsical billy balls perfectly compliment the asymmetry.


As summer progresses, the flowers offered each week change. This week there are a lot of varieties of dahlias, zinnias, and celosia as they come into their own. Along with these familiar flowers are varieties of flowers and greens that I associate with our local woods and fields. Fern, chicory, and porcelain vine are all things I see when I run at Walney Pond. I found myself smiling at a childhood memory when I saw pokeberry on this week’s list. As a little girl, I used to forage in the woods near my house and come back loaded with “ingredients” to make “dinner.” Of course these dinners weren’t edible, but I had fun making them. Pokeberry was one of my favorite ingredients!

What Sets Us Apart

I love the artistry in our flower arrangements. You can find beautiful flower arrangements at your local grocery store, but you won’t find the floral works of art that Trevor and Kristi create. They are truly inspiring! We are so excited to be offering one more aspect that sets us apart from other florists. Our goal of incorporating greater sustainability practices led us to purchase from local flower farmers. To our delight, the unexpected bonus is that these local flowers lend a unique signature look. What a wonderful combination—amazing artistry and unique flowers! Give us a call or place an online order! We’re ready to create YOUR beautiful Summer Designer’s Choice!


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