Helium balloons in the sky

Balloons, and Why We Are Phasing Them Out

As a family, Trevor and Margie have always embraced a stewardship of Mother Nature. Over the last couple of years, our family shop, Fantasy Florist, joined in this stewardship by implementing sustainable practices in the shop wherever we can. Composting all of our organic material, switching from single-use plastic message card holders to dried rose stem message card holders, shopping local whenever we are able to, and purchasing from B-Corporations as much as possible, are just some of steps we’ve taken to implement our “Why.”

“Why” we are a florist is to challenge our imagination, spread interconnectedness in the community, and to do our part in preserving our planet.

The next step we are taking towards sustainability and preserving our planet is phasing out balloons. When we read about the negative consequences of latex balloons, mylar balloons, and helium, we decided not to purchase any new balloons. We will sell the inventory that we have, but you’ll see popular balloons disappearing as options on our website. The first selection we have run out of is our generic Happy Birthday balloons. We do still have a few milestone birthday balloons such as Sweet 16, 40th, and 50th, and “Over the Hill.” Just call us to find out what we still have in stock!

If you’re interested in what we’ve learned about balloons and helium, here are some of the statistics that went into our decision:

Despite phasing out balloons as part of our commitment towards sustainable practices, we have partnered with several like-minded local family-owned businesses for alternative add-on offerings. Check out our River-Sea Chocolate selections, our Grace+Love Candle selections, and our Tea for All Reasons selections!

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