River-Sea Chocolate Sampler

River-Sea Chocolates Partnership

We are so excited to announce our recent partnership with River-Sea Chocolates. In our continued quest towards more sustainable practices, we decided to ditch the big-box store chocolates. We wanted to partner with a local shop—preferably one like ours that is family owned, creates superior artisanal products, and is committed to sustainability.

River-Sea Chocolates is all of that! They are located just around the corner from us so we were able to tour their bean-to-bar factory, meet the owners, and try their delicious, small-batch, artisanal chocolates. We think you’ll agree that adding one of their chocolate bars or sampler gift boxes to your flower arrangement order is that decadent touch that you can’t get anywhere else!

River-Sea Chocolate Bars
Coconut Milk Bar and Cherry Blossom Dark Chocolate Bar

Each chocolate purchase supports the Amazon River cleanup project called Projeto SUPaneiro in the Amazon Delta region where owner, Mariano, grew up and where his family still lives. As an avid standup paddle boarder (SUP), Margie loves this idea! Even more exciting is the way River-Sea transports their beans to the US. “River-Sea’s first shipment of cacao was the very first Sail Cargo shipment allowed in the USA since motorized cargo became the convention! Over 100 years!”

Why is this exciting? “The shipping industry accounts for over 80% of the world’s trade volume and 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.” ~United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

According to River-Sea, “Sail transport reduces carbon emissions by 99% over conventional cargo transport, while providing a more nimble and efficient sustainable solution for trade.”

But don’t take our word for it! Add one of our River-Sea Chocolates to your order and let us know what you think!

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