Live Intentionally

It’s easy to forget that we’re only mere humans. The monotonous routine of life keeps us so busy and wrapped up in meaningless moments, that we often forget to live intentionally. When was the last time you basked in the sun or danced in the rain? When was the last time you held a friend close or looked someone in the eye and told them you loved them? 


Just the other day, we had a lovely woman place an order for an arrangement for a 2-month-old baby that had just undergone open heart surgery… 2 months! I thought to myself, well babies are more resilient than we adults are. They haven’t yet felt the hardships of the world fall on their shoulders. And if they had, those memories would soon fade away. As I pondered this, the most striking thing I realized is that babies and children are constantly living in the now. They are intentionally living, being, and striving within their present moment.  

live intentionally

With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to forget that precious moments don’t just happen but are, rather, created. What was the last meaningful moment you remember creating? Where were you? Who was there? What did you feel, and why is this the moment that’s resonating with you right now? 


Working at Fantasy Floral, I am blessed to be part of the important moments in people’s lives—the joyful and the somber. Living intentionally is a choice, and this week’s important moment reminded me to choose to live…intentionally.


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