Serene white a blue sympathy arrangement

Sympathy Flowers

When I take orders for sympathy flowers, I often notice that many people are unsure of what direction to take with the arrangements. The passing of a loved one is a difficult time, and it can be challenging to adequately express all of your feelings with something as abstract as flowers. Luckily, we’re here to help with just that! Here are some helpful guidelines to think about when you’re ordering sympathy flowers. 

Standard Arrangements

For sympathy flowers, many people opt for a standard flower arrangement in a vase or basket. When ordering these arrangements, it’s important to specify whether the flowers are going to a home or a funeral service. For a funeral service, our designers recommend a three-sided design so that the flowers are facing the attendees. If they’re going to a home, an all-around design can be put pretty much anywhere!

Color Palettes

All white, pastel, and vibrant flower arrangementsDepending on the feeling you want the arrangement to evoke, there are several different color palettes you can choose from. You can never go wrong with an all white arrangement like the one on the left above. If you’d like to stay with a more sedate arrangement that has a bit of color, a mixture of white and soft pastel colors is a nice option. Sometimes the most appropriate arrangement is one that is vibrant and colorful to celebrate a life well lived and loved. The two arrangements on the right are great examples!

Funeral Service Flowers 

three-sided, spray, wreath, and cross funeral flowersAt Fantasy Floral, we have many options for funeral services. If you would like flowers in front of a podium or book-ending a stage, a three-sided arrangement like the one pictured on the left above is a nice option. For easel arrangements, we have sprays, wreaths, crosses, and open and closed hearts. These arrangements typically start at around $200. We can also do both half and full casket sprays, starting at $200 and $300 respectively. The price depends on the size of the arrangement and the kinds of flowers that you would like to use. 

Honoring Your Loved One

Customized sympathy flowersWhile we specialize in cut flower arrangements, we are sometimes able to add custom pieces to an arrangement in honor of your loved one. Two such arrangements are pictured above. On the left is an arrangement that we delivered to the family of a gentleman who was known for wearing bowties. We added a ribbon in the shape of a bowtie to the arrangement. On the right is an arrangement our customer ordered for her friend who had just lost her beloved dog. The customer asked us to do something spectacular and increased her budget to allow us to purchase dog toys to include in the arrangement.

We have photos on our website to give you ideas on shapes and color palettes. Just give us a call or come into the shop to discuss how you would like to customize your sympathy flowers.

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