Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 24th this year, and there’s no better way to complete the dining table than with a Thanksgiving centerpiece! Whether you’re having a large gathering or a small dinner, a centerpiece adds a vibrant, elegant touch. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for one:


There are all kinds of flowers you can include in a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Yellow sunflowers and solidago bring brightness, while red flowering ginger and orange lilies give the arrangement dark color for contrast. There’s also lots of fun greenery you could add. Hypericum berries add pops of color, and seeded eucalyptus offers a unique touch.


But it’s not just flowers and greenery that make a Thanksgiving centerpiece beautiful; there’s plenty of accents and smaller items that can add a unique touch! Things like fall leaves, lotus pods, pinecones, and other dried elements give a centerpiece a rustic feel. You could even include a little pumpkin or an acorn squash for that fall look!


Size is an important factor in choosing your centerpiece. A long and low centerpiece compliments any table and makes it easy for your guests to see over it to talk to each other. You could also choose some taller arrangements to place on a sideboard or buffet table. And if you have a more high-end event planned, you could order some tall centerpieces that your guests can see underneath!

When you’re ready to order a Thanksgiving centerpiece or arrangement, just give us a call!

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