Spring Flowers

Spring is on its way, and as the weather warms up, lots of flowers are bursting into bloom! Here are some of our favorite spring flowers at Fantasy Floral.


Photo credit: Travel Photographer on Negativespace

To me, there’s no flower that says “spring” like tulips! These beautiful flowers shine on their own in arrangements like Totally Tulips, but they also work very well mixed in with other spring flowers. One of my favorites is the Tulipris, which pairs pastel colored tulips with vibrant irises!


Photo credit: Piqsels


If I had to pick a favorite spring flower, I’d pick the hyacinth! This flower offers a unique look to arrangements like the Christine, and it comes in all sorts of beautiful spring colors. My personal favorite is the pink hyacinth pictured above!


Photo credit: pixel2013 on Pixnio


Around this time of year, the most requested flower is the popular peony! This flower isn’t in season quite yet, but its time to shine is coming up soon. Peonies are definitely on the more expensive side, but they’re absolutely gorgeous in arrangements like the Penny!


This year, we’re extremely excited to once again partner with Old Dominion Flower Cooperative to bring you locally grown seasonal flowers! ODFC always supplies beautiful, unique flower varieties, and it’s always exciting to get their deliveries. In terms of early spring flowers, we’ll soon have access to anemones, daffodils, and hellebore, along with so many others!


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